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Rental/Lease of Polaris Ranger 500 2-Person UTV

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Rental/Lease of a Polaris Ranger 500 2-Person UTV

UTV ATV Rental Leases LLC, we have the right to cancel any reservation.

Our equipment available for renting by the day or multi day rentals and Leases.

General Public Rental Cost: per 4 Hour Rental. Please email us or call for availability

General Public Rental Cost: per 8 Hour Rental. Please email us or call for availability

General Public Rental Cost: Weekly Rental Rate. Please email us or call for availability

For Commerical Rental/Leases Please email us or call for availablity.

Required Refundable Deposit ($1,000.00)

Rental Requirement: Renter/Driver must be 21 years of age or older and provide a copy of their driver’s License and registration, proof of insurance and credit card for deposit and rental.

Deposit is required and will be refunded if ATV or UTV is returned in the same condition when rented.

UTV Rentals Include

Helmets and or googles are by request (We recommend If you have your own helmet, goggles, hearing protection and bring gloves).

This would include a helmet and goggles, which is required when you pick up your rental.

Do you need to rent safety equipment? *

Will you be leaving Forest, Idaho Area with your rental? *

Vehicle Description




4-wheel Drive

500lb cargo box capacity

Total weight and passage 1500lbs.

Length 110in. Height 73in. and 58 in width.

Gas capacity 9 gals

UTV Rental/Lease Include:

Instructions on how to operate the ATVs and UTVs

Safety Instructions of Gates doors usage, Seat belts, helmets & goggle, needs to wear gloves while driving. Safety First

Physical Condition of Item(s): The renter of this equipment is satisfied with the instructions given and will seek further instruction if necessary, for the safe operation of this equipment.  Safety Instructions of Gates and Doors usage, Seat belts, Helmets and Goggles, safety first. A release form is required each person riding in the vehicle if you refuse to wear a helmet.

LATE FEE: As of 1 minute late, $60 per hour.

Vehicle must be returned with a full tank of gas If are taking equipment out of Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area Refuel Fee $25.00

If we delivery there will be a charge to be determine by location, mileage, and current gas price.

Unreasonably mud or there will be an additional charge $ $50.00 fee

Drink and Driving/Drugs usage will not be tolerated. Fees will apply on any ticket(s) Or driving drunk while renting equipment.

Payment: Renter is responsible to pay UTV AT Rental Leases LLC said amount of the agreed Deposit reservation requested of the rental agreement and balance of rental of equipment will be paid at pickup.  Other Charges may occur from misuse or abuse of equipment. These charges must be paid in full upon the return of equipment or there will be action taken against renter for charges not paid.

Deposit Refund: Will occur within 10 to 30 business day only if the rental agreement is met, reasonable dirt on vehicle, No Damage is found, or refuel of rental vehicle applies to your rental agreement, and no Complaint or ticket for improper or illegal operation of rented equipment/vehicle occur and vehicle and equipment is returned on time.

Responsibility for Rented Items: From the beginning of the rental agreement to return and release, the renter is responsible for the rented item(s). If the item is lost, stolen, or damaged under any circumstances while rented, regardless of fault, the renter will be responsible for all charges, including labor to repair or cost to replace item(s). By agreeing to this rental agreement, you are releasing UTV ATV Rental Leases LLC. from all liability, injury while the equipment rented by renter.

Damage to equipment: Renter agrees to discontinue use of machines and contact UTV ATV Rental Leases LLC immediately. UTV ATV Rental Leases LLC may or may not adjust rental rates or provide replacement equipment. This provision does not release renter from the obligations imposed by other paragraphs. In all events renter will be responsible for any injury or damage, including consequential damages.

Flat Tire(s): If vehicle comes back with a flat tire you will be charge $400.00 UTV for each tire that is flat.

Reservation Cancellation Policy: We ride rain or shine, making it a part of Adventure experience.  Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to your reservation time and date or you will forfeit any fees already paid. All taxes included.

Note: Ask about our hunting season only renting specials that are offered only during certain blocked of dates due to its popularity.

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