UTV ATV Rental Leases

Who I am and UTV ATV Rental Leases can do for you and your business.

My name is Betty Ptack

As I am posting more and more on this platform, I thought it was important for you to get to know the lady behind the post.

I am the owner of UTV ATV Rental Leases, a mom of 4 cats & 1 dog, I have spent the last 30 years working in the retail and UTV & ATV industries.

My passion for riding off road started at a very young age. 

I have two sisters, 1 brother and my father who is a ordained minister and is 90 years young.

I married to a wonderful man who is now is my business partner.

Helping others to be successful and complete projects on time is my passion.

This industry has brought me so many opportunities and new connections that now it’s my turn to give back and extend my passion of riding to you!

Now, my goal is to educate and provide equipment to individuals and companies in support of them to achieve on time results of their projects.

In closing, don’t let the bumps in the trail of life wear you down.

There have many been times in my life when I’ve had to be extra strong and carry on.   

Where are you located and what do you do?


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